The following Innerflow modules are now available in English:

  • The physical level - 2-hour module
  • The mental level - 2-hour module
  • The emotional level - 2-hour module
  • The spiritual level - 2-hour module
  • The healing level - 2-hour module

The modules can be booked individually or as a set, and are also available for small groups. The price per module/person is CHF 70.00. Payment by Twint or cash.

Hypnosis and its healing effects on the different levels of our being

An invitation to take the responsibility for your health into your own hands


 *    Healing effects at the physical level

  • A healthy autonomic nervous system requires harmony between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems. The harmonisation of both systems through deep relaxation creates a powerful foundation for healing and recovering.
  • Deep relaxation, while all your senses remain active, helps you to become aware of how your body communicates with you. Reconnect with the unique wisdom of your body.

*    Healing effects at the mental level

  • The beneficial effects of hypnosis are probably best known at this level – the level of the subconscious mind. Here, hypnosis has a wide range of uncovering and solution-centred techniques available: regression, visualisation, parts therapy, inner child therapy, to name but a few.

*    Healing effects at the spiritual level

  • In hypnosis, you can leave the world of duality behind for a while, and access the quantum field.
  • Shifting your awareness from your head to your heart helps you to raise your vibration. Using hypnosis as a tool, this becomes easier than it seems at first sight.
  • Reconnecting with aspects of yourself that were lost or given away, or that were taken away by others.

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The healing effects of hypnosis on the different levels of our being

1.  The physical level   

Hypnosis helps us to strengthen our parasympathetic nervous system

      Our autonomic nervous system, which controls and regulates almost all vital processes in our body, largely consists of the ‘twin’ systems referred to as the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system activates the organism and makes it run efficiently, while the parasympathetic nervous system shuts it down again. The sympathetic nervous system is activated when the body carries out hard work or gets into stressful situations. If it is active, it triggers typical stress symptoms such as heart palpitations and increased sweating.

      A healthy autonomic nervous system requires a balanced interaction between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. People who are constantly stressed run the risk of unbalancing their autonomic nervous system, which can be manifested by heart and coronary diseases, lack of well-being, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, and depression. Prolonged excessive activity of the sympathetic nervous system therefore poses a very real health risk. Nature created a wonderful system to protect our body from permanent stress, however, because, as soon as the parasympathetic nervous system is triggered, heart rate and blood pressure decrease, and the digestion is stimulated. The latter shows that the parasympathetic nervous system also has a major influence on our metabolism.

      Hypnosis helps us to quickly and efficiently relax our body, thereby shutting down the sympathetic nervous system and creating a valuable and intensive period of rest for the autonomic nervous system. Hypnosis also brings rest to your ‘thinking mind’, which doubles the benefits! As soon as the parasympathetic system is active, everyday stress is considerably reduced, and our body and cells can recover and regenerate. The wonderful thing with hypnosis is, however, that your senses remain active during the entire process: you hear and feel everything that happens around you, and become aware of how your body communicates with you.

      The combined benefits of intensive rest and communication with your body while in a hypnotic state cannot be underestimated. Discover what these benefits can mean for you personally!

I’m so much looking forward to meeting you! Let’s take the next step in your process of self-discovery and healing together! 

2.  The mental level  

      Here we are in the area of the subconscious mind, a truly remarkable aspect of our human existence! It can be compared to a computer, where everything we experience is stored as information – complete with high-resolution images in full colour and 3D, and all the thoughts, feelings, sensory impressions, and smells associated with it. In this area, hypnosis has a whole range of uncovering and solution-centred techniques available.

      We can, for example, visit our past, where we can understand and heal stressful or traumatic events, many of which are rooted in our childhood. At this level, we can also find the courage to accept and love ourselves as we are – our unique and authentic self, with all our talents and aspects that still need to be resolved.

      We can communicate with our different parts, and find out why certain "programs" repeat themselves over and over again – and then rewrite these programs to match the life we want to live.

      We can neutralise negative beliefs, and replace them with new, positive ones. We can visualise and anchor a fresh, happy future. We can descend deep within ourselves, and ascend high up into the healing quantum field. We can meet our inner child, power animals, spirit guides and beloved souls, and so much more... The possibilities are limitless - and often surprising – but always reflect the astonishing beings that we are!

But do you know what the best part of all this is? For all these wonderful results, we need nothing more than a comfortable chair, deep relaxation that makes it possible to access the wisdom within ourselves, and the firm intention and courage to take a leap of faith, and find out who we really are... 

3.   The spiritual level

      This is where hypnosis becomes even more interesting, because it can take you to a place where you can be pure essence – pure consciousness. As human beings, we live in a world of duality, in this fragile body that needs so much to survive. We need food and water, we need to breathe, we need protection and care - and to achieve this, we need money and material things. Male / female – cold / hot – good / evil... all these are concepts related to duality. We’re here to experience life, so that our soul can grow.

      But imagine for a moment what would happen if we could go beyond that dual world -- if we could leave our physical bodies behind for a short time – and just become pure consciousness… That’s when we access the quantum field, and at that level we don't need anything. We simply are. All possibilities are available to us at the quantum level of consciousness: love, health, abundance … everything we need to be happy and fulfilled. Do you recognise the principle of the law of attraction? Everything is there for us – we just have to attract it. Yet there is infinite wisdom, however, in the fact that we can only attract that what matches our current vibrational level… In other words, we can't attract anything that we're not – or not yet – ready for.



Everything is vibrating: material objects, our body, our thoughts and feelings, colours, diseases, etc. Everything is vibration. Our mission as human beings is to constantly raise our vibration. The higher we vibrate, the higher the vibrations – and therefore the realities – that we attract. How can we influence this? It’s not a mission impossible: we can instantly raise our vibration by moving from our world of ‘thought’ into our world of ‘feeling’, or, in other words, from our head into our heart. In our heart we find the connection with our higher self, and by concentrating on the most beautiful and fulfilling of our human feelings, such as gratitude, empathy and care, compassion and appreciation, we expand our heart chakra and raise our vibration. Sounds easy? Take heart, it is.

      Anything can happen when you are in a higher state of consciousness. Spontaneous insights, healing, and reconnection with aspects of yourself that were seemingly lost or taken away from you. Your inner light may have been hidden or become buried for a while, but it is still there! Welcome to a new world of joy and playful lightness!