In therapeutic hypnosis, we dive into our subconscious mind to solve emotional, unconscious and physical challenges with the help of its huge potential – an efficient, gentle and lasting method. You remain fully conscious throughout the session, and actively contribute to the process. The Soul & Parts method has also proven itself to be a very valuable tool in therapeutic hypnosis.

Therapeutic hypnosis –

Soul & Parts, per hour Fr. 120,-


Children (from about 6 years) and young adults, per hour Fr. 75,-

Would you like to find out whether hypnosis is the right tool for you in a safe and relaxed environment? Perhaps a tailor-made deep relaxation hypnosis session is the answer for you. Experience deep relaxation and a connection with your inner self in a one-hour session, and discover some of the many possibilities that hypnosis offers.

Deep relaxation hypnosis,

1 hour Fr. 75,-

Learn the tried and tested, user-friendly OMNI light switch self-hypnosis technique for lasting results. Do yourself a favour! You can learn self-hypnosis in just one hour – but the benefits can last a lifetime...

Light-switch self-hypnosis technique, 1 hour Fr. 75,-

In Hünenberg, Eichengasse 9, Wednesdays

From 01.01.20: Luzernerstrasse 16
                            6330 CHAM


Sitzungen auch in Deutsch!

For more information:

Mobile phone: 079 933 78 28

E-mail: marika@clee.ch

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Soul & Parts
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