Events: every Thursday

Thursday = time for me





1st Thursday in the month: focus on the physical level

2nd Thursday in the month: focus on the mental level

3rd Thursday in the month: focus on the spiritual level

From 7 to ca. 9 pm


In a nutshell: Find your inner balance (again) by helping your body recover and letting go of heavy energies, by turning negative thought patterns into positive energy, and by reconnecting with your Higher Self.

So much is possible, thanks to proven therapeutic hypnosis techniques.

Join us in a small group of up to 4 persons (SFR 70.00 a person).

Self-hypnosis workshop

What you will learn:


  • Basic knowledge of hypnosis, and how self-hypnosis can support you in your everyday life
  • How you can deeply relax and quickly create success in your life with the help of the OMNI light switch technique
  • How you can best formulate your self-suggestions in order to obtain the greatest possible effect
  • Practice makes perfect! Consolidation of what was learned with personal suggestions
  • Workshop documentation: guidelines and sample suggestions

Maximum 5 participants

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

Price per participant: CHF 75.--

Please contact me for the next dates the workshop takes place!


This workshop can also be organised for a company. Please contact me for a proposal and prices.