From inner flow to inner glow

New visualisation/hypnosis modules to support your personal and spiritual development.

Join me on a holistic journey to your true inner Self, involving both your conscious and your subconscious mind, as well as your Soul.


Our starting point will be your chakra system, which we will use as a map to guide you on your way to your true Self. Your next steps on this path will become clear and within reach.


-  During an intensive inner journey, your chakra system will show you the areas in which you still have some unresolved issues, beliefs, traumas and conditioning that may now be resolved. Various proven techniques can be used to become aware of these, and to let go of them. Often, heavy energy caused by physical and emotional pain is still stored in your body cells, and this can be released at the cellular level, and replaced by healthy, active energy.

From inner flow to inner glow. Every painful experience we encounter in life creates a layer around our heart to protect our true Self. In time, these layers form a – sometimes impenetrable – protective wall around your heart. No matter how high and strong these walls have become, however, your true Self is still there, and reaching out to you. Find the way to your true Self through this protective cocoon, and embrace your golden inner child once again.

-  Anxiety and uncertainty create continuous stress, and this causes your body to be in continuous ‘fight or flight’ mode. Our bodies were not designed to withstand stress on a permanent basis, however, and continued stress inevitably leads to illness. What is worse: our thoughts can literally make us sick by going over and reliving stressful situations time and again. Learn to let go of stress (which is always based on experiencing lack of some kind) and return to your inner flow and inner trust.

-  Develop a new feeling for your body. We are deeply connected to our bodies, and our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs trigger the chemistry that can either cause or reverse disease. Become aware of how your body communicates with you and what a truly magnificent miracle it is. Reconnect with the feelings within you that you may have repressed in the course of your life, embrace them, resolve them, integrate them, and become whole once again.

-  The idea of conflict and separation (and that we are in competition with each other) is deeply rooted in our soul, in our world, and in our society. Connect with something that is bigger than yourself. Move your consciousness from your mind to your heart, and become aware of what experiencing unconditional love and self-love can mean for you and for the world around you.

-  When you incarnate here on Earth, you leave a lot of who you really are behind, because you want to make certain experiences here as a person. You therefore ‘forget’ about the potential and the qualities that you have developed during your long journey as a soul. But these qualities can still be reached, deep inside you! Your inner treasure cave is full of potential and qualities that you may not yet be aware of. Are you ready to open your treasure chest, and pick up what you need for the next step in your development?